Ticket Selling Structure

The ticket selling structure is set up as a way for the contestants to support the pageant & rodeo and pay for their stall, gas & hotel room fees. If they raise enough money through ticket sales the expenses to compete in the pageant will be minimal. 

Rodeo tickets, drawing tickets and sponsor ads count toward total ticket money raised.  

There are rodeo tickets (advanced prices are $8 for Adults (13+) and $5 for children(6-12) 5 and under get in free and drawing tickets (1 for $1 or 7 for $5) to sell. 

Rodeo tickets will be sent if you request them. Specify how many Adult and Child tickets you want to start with, you can always ask for more if you sell out. 

Drawing tickets can be printed off the website...print 7 pages and staple each set of drawing tickets then cut.  Each set should give you eight packets of 7 tickets each.


Each contestant is required to raise a minimum of $250 to receive full ticket sales points. Families with more than one contestant entered are allowed to subtract $100 from the 2nd, 3rd etc contestant entered.

Of each dollar they raise above the required minimum amount, half will be set aside to cover pageant costs and the other half (up to the cost of the stall, luncheon, and room and gas receipt amounts = $599 or less) will be reimbursed to the contestant for gas, stall and room fees. To receive money back each contestant must raise $250 before the half back starts.

Obtaining Sponsor Ads are a great way to promote businesses in your area and knock out the required ticket sales amount.


For businesses donating in return for ADVERTISING checks may be made directly to CPRA PAGEANT and are tax deductible to the business.


For PERSONAL checks to be TAX DEDUCTIBLE they should be made out to OCFW - Optimist Club Foundation of Wichita (Major Pageant Sponsor and NON PROFIT organization)


Ticket Selling & Sponsor Ad Tips

In the past, girls have been hesitant to compete for CPRA Royalty because of the requirement to sell tickets.  It is important to understand the need for the girls to actively participate in promoting and selling the rodeo before they take on the responsibility of a CPRA public relations woman for a year.


A couple ideas on how to reach the minimum ticket sales, and how to go above and beyond to sell the highest number of tickets have been provided here.  Good luck!!!!