100 Commonly Asked Questions


1.       What is a hooey?


2.       What do the letters CPRA stand for?


3.      Other than Central Plains Rodeo Association what other associations share our initials?


4.       Who is the reining Miss Rodeo America?


5.       What state does Miss Rodeo America hail from?


6.       Who is the director of the Miss CPRA?


7.       When did the Miss CPRA pageant begin?


8.       When did the CPRA first form?


9.       Who is the stock contractor for the CPRA Finals?


10.   Who is the president of the CPRA?


11.   Who is the secretary of the CPRA?


12.   Name four ways a cowboy can be disqualified in Bareback Riding?


13.   Name four ways a cowboy can be disqualified in Saddle Bronc Riding?


14.   Name four ways a cowboy can be disqualified in Bull Riding?


15.   Who is the reining Miss CPRA?


16.   Who is the reining Miss CPRA Princess?


17.   Who is the reining Little Miss CPRA?


18.   Who is the reining Miss Rodeo Kansas?


19.   What states does the CPRA sanction rodeos?


20.   How long does a roughstock animal work each year on average?


21.   Who is PETA?


22.   Who is SHARK?


23.   Who is Friends of Rodeo?


24.   What is the NHRA?


25.   Who is the announcer at CPRA Finals?


26.   Who is the President of the United States?


27.   Who is the Governor of Kansas?


28.   Name five sponsors of the Miss CPRA pageant.


29.   Name five sponsors of the CPRA.


30.   How did the sport of rodeo start?


31.   Where are the CPRA Finals held?


32.   Who is the reining CPRA All-Around Champion?


33.   Who is the reining CPRA Barrel Racing Champion?


34.   Who is the reining CPRA Saddle Bronc Champion?


35.   What is the classic event of rodeo?


36.   Who is the reining CPRA Bareback Riding Champion?


37.   Who is the reining CPRA Bull Riding Champion?


38.   Who is the reining CPRA Steer Wrestling Champion?


39.   Who is the reining CPRA Team Roping Champion?


40.   Who is the reining CPRA Tie Down Champion?


41.   Name the main people that work to put on the CPRA Pageant (there are 3).


42.   Who is the official photographer of the CPRA?


43.   When was the Little miss category added to the Miss CPRA pageant program?


44.   Name three regular season CPRA first sanctioned rodeos.


45.   How long does a calf have to stay tied in tie down roping?


46.   How long does a cowboy have to ride in rough stock riding to qualify?


47.   What is a hazer?


48.   What is a goose egg?


49.   What is the average?


50.   What is added money?


51.   What is the pay window?


52.   What is panty hose?


53.   What are strangles?


54.   What is the coggins test?


55.   What is Equine Infectious Anemia?


56.   Name ten different vaccinations for your horse.


57.   What is alfalfa?


58.   What is West Niles?


59.   What is a frog?


60.   Where is the cannon bone?


61.   What organ do humans have that horses donít?


62.   Describe what happens when you float a horses teeth.


63.   How often should you trim your horses feet?


64.   What is a farrier?


65.   What does DVM stand for?


66.   Are there chiropractors for horses?


67.   How often should a horse be wormed?


68.   How often should a horse be vaccinated?


69.   What is the chute boss?


70.   What is a flank strap?


71.   What is a suicide wrap?


72.   What is the name of the pattern ran in barrel racing?


73.   What is the money barrel?


74.   What does NBHA stand for?


75.   What does PRCA stand for?


76.   What is the web address for the Miss CPRA pageant?


77.   What does PBR stand for?


78.   Who is the Vice President of the United States of America?


79.   Do horses have shoes?


80.   Name three parts that a saddle and car have in common?


81.   Who is Casey Tibbs?


82.   Who is Ty Murry?


83.   What is a hollihan?


84.   What is required to win the All Around title?


85.   Name two spokes people for PETA?


86.   What is a buford?


87.   What is a chute fighter?


88.   What is a suit case handle?


89.   What is an association saddle?


90.   What is the difference between a roping saddle, barrel saddle, and saddle bronc saddle?


91.   What is a bronc rein?


92.   What is a pigging string?


93.   What is the purpose of a tie down?


94.   How long is a bronc rein?


95.   How long is a pigging string?


96.   What is lariat?


97.   Who is the official jean of cowboys everywhere?


98.   Who provides medical attention to the contestants during CPRA Finals?


99.   Name fifty parts of the horse.


100.   Tell me one thing that you love about yourself.